Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft: Legion.

Granted, the Burning Legion would certainly still have Azeroth on its hit list- multiple failed invasions, including one that turned the Orcs from their subjects to one of their most vicious enemies, and also the Scourge split off from them as well here.  They’d come back eventually for another attempt.

But it just feels meh.

I really was hoping they’d go somewhere truly new with the lore.  Or at least a followup on something specifically from WoW.  Like I was hoping when the title Warlords of Draenor was leaked, I was hoping to see a return to Outland- The Horde and Alliance would have recalled many troops to Azeroth to deal with the Lich King, the Cataclysm, and the war with Garrosh.  Could have been interesting to see who tried to fill the power vacuum that would have created after the fall of Illidan and the withdrawal of Azerothian forces.

Such a followup on The Burning Crusade, seeing Outland(not AU Draenor) as it exists post-MoP , would be really interesting.  Hopefully it gets some treatment in Legion- it would make a viable B-story to this expansion, even though I do think it warrants an expansion of its own.  Outland would be a great staging ground for Legion and/or Azerothian forces, and each side trying to recruit powers that rose up in recent years to their side.  Hopefully they at least throw a few quests our way, at a minimum the Horde and Alliance would do a quick check of Outland to see if there is any useful intelligence to be gathered.  It would be nice to have the player involved in that, rather than just assume the leadership isn’t completely stupid and fails to realize the potential.

The proper Legion expansion, honestly, I was thinking that it would be ideal for the final expansion, when WoW is no longer financially sustainable, they kick off the final battle so they can go out on a high note rather than wither on the vine.

Diablo III takes place in the Stargate universe

So, I’ve long had a theory that World of Warcraft takes place in the Stargate universe.(discussed here: )

A new one?  Diablo takes place in the Stargate universe as well.

I don’t think the Goa’uld are involved here.  I suspect the Eternal Conflict involves Ancients and Ori in open conflict. The High Heavens is the home of the Ancients faction, the Burning Hells, the Ori faction.

The Nephalem would have been the result of some Ancients and Ori remembering that once, they were the same people… and taking steps to rebuild their previous society and end the long war.  Hell… Perhaps, Sanctuary eventually becomes known as Earth, after the Ancients and Ori call a truce.  A lot of how the Ori were raising hell was specifically planned to minimize the chances of Ancients getting involved, perhaps it wasn’t general caution but a specific treaty, ending the Eternal Conflict, they were staying just on the right side of?

Leah would have been something similar to an Orici, a prepared vessel through which the Ori can intervene on the mortal plane.

Tyrael, like other ascended beings, was able to choose to descend into mortal form, albeit at the cost of his social standing among the Ancients and some memory blocks.

One of these days I should take these wacky theories I come up with and start writing fanfic based on them.  Obviously, Diablo isn’t meant to take place in the Stargate universe(though it wouldn’t shock me if there’s an idea or two inspired by Stargate), but still, it’s fun to think about.

Get me copies of Starcraft and Starcraft 2, and I could probably find a way to make the third major Blizzard franchise work as part of the Stargate unvierse.

With a little harmonization work with another theory I’ve come up with(but haven’t written about in detail), I can bring Doctor Who and both Battlestar Galactica series into the same shared universe.

Possible MH370 part found

There’s No Doubt: This Debris Is MH370 – The Daily Beast.

“No doubt” is probably a bit too strong at the moment, until Malaysia Airlines and/or Boeing engineers have looked it over and reported their results, but the odds this came from MH370 are rather high.

Shouldn’t take long for confirmation.  They don’t even need serial numbers(which are probably on there).  Just a conclusive ID as a 777 part, MH370 is the only 777 it could possibly have come from.

This solving the case is a longshot, though.  Small chance they’ll be able to determine if it was an in flight breakup or a breakup on impact, but that’s likely as far as they’ll get with what they’ve found. What may be more important than this specific part will be using the fact that it turned up here to plan out further searches for more debris, which might give them enough to crack the case.

Sense8 Season 2 prediction

Some spoilers here, so it’s all behind a cut.

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Greece Must Pass Massive Austerity Reform Bill by Tonight Or Else – RYOT News

Greece Must Pass Massive Austerity Reform Bill by Tonight Or Else – RYOT News.

Of course, harsh austerity, can’t have the Greek government spending money in ways that might stimulate the economy, rebuild the tax base, and lead to increased revenues.  Even George W Bush accepted that sometimes you have to spend a shitload of money to get out of a situation like this.

Their economy is wrecked, they have to borrow, they can’t pay it back on time so they have to borrow more at higher interest, which makes it harder to pay back, driving up interest rates again… This is a death spiral.

I saw an analysis recently suggesting that this will eventually work- after the Greek economy gets even worse, so that they cannot afford any imports to speak of.  Money will stop leaving the country, but some will still come in via exports.  Things should start improving when that point is reached.

But if that’s the plan, it would probably be a lot better to just suspend all aid(except maybe food if it gets that bad) and let the Greek economy collapse immediately.  The recovery would be able to start a lot sooner that way.

Giuliani: U.S. Could Take Out ISIS in Just ‘6 Months’ | Mediaite

Giuliani: U.S. Could Take Out ISIS in Just ‘6 Months’ | Mediaite.

Could the US take out ISIS in 6 months?  Probably.

But look at the last time we created a power vacuum in the region, what did it lead to?  Oh, that’s right, ISIS.

The only time the US was at all successful in nation building was the Phillipines, and that took holding on to them for about half a century.  That’s the sort of commitment we’d be looking at if we were to just go in and smash ISIS and hope for anything resembling a realistic chance of it working out well.

And all the other countries in the region might get nervous about their land borders with a long term US occupation, which wasn’t an issue in the Phillipines. And the Phillipines was taken after a war more easily digested as legitimate both here and abroad, reducing the global outcry over our occupation.  The situation would be much more dangerous for a long term occupation in the middle east.

This is one where we really need to leave the bulk of the solution to local powers.  It’s conceivable that it would be a good idea to put more boots on the ground to help, but local powers really need to take the lead on sorting this out.  Things don’t go well when we come in and impose solutions.


BREAKING: Judge Says Cause Exists To Arrest Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice For Murder | ThinkProgress

BREAKING: Judge Says Cause Exists To Arrest Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice For Murder | ThinkProgress.

Even looking at this from a standpoint of assuming the cops reasonably thought Tamir was a threat, they still fucked up.

What they should have done is parked the car a bit away, yelled the warning without the engine noise or sirens possibly interfering, and taken cover behind the car just in case Tamir fired on them.

That would have almost certainly lead to Tamir surviving, possibly getting yelled at for being careless in showing off the toy gun but surviving, and even in the bizarro world where the gun was real and he was a threat, would have kept the cops and innocent bystanders safe.

Almost running him over and firing before the door is even completely open is stupid however you look at it.  If he was *already* shooting at people maybe a crazy stunt like that would make sense, but he wasn’t.

It might be debatable whether first degree murder should apply, but certainly second degree would IMO.

I try to give cops some leeway- if they hold fire too long in a situation where they do need to shoot someone, innocent people die just as surely as when they fire too quickly.  It’s a balance, and imperfect humans will never get it right 100% of the time.  But even giving them as much credit as possible, there’s just no way they were remotely in the right.  AT BEST they were incredibly reckless to the point a second degree murder charge, for depraved indifference to human life, should apply- or whatever the equivalent charge is under Ohio law.  And that’s reckless even if it could be established that they reasonably believed Tamir to be a threat, and that appears to be quite a stretch.


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